Blockbusters Cash Drop A Different Casino Game

Blockbusters Cash Drop is now generally listed under slots games, although there are some dramatic alterations to the classic concept of a slot machine that need to be considered when discussing this game. Thematically this casino game is directly based on the widely popular Blockbusters game show that became so popular in the UK. Designed by software and game developer Electracade, Blockbusters Cash Drop is a new concept in casino play that has come about thanks to the constant pushing of the casino game envelope that developers are so prone to trying.

A Description of the Game

In effect, Blockbusters Cash Drop functions very much like a 20 payline slot machine, but there are no spinning reels involved at all. Instead, players will find the online slots casino Australia game consists of 18 rotating hexagons, and the symbols are inside the hexagons. Pokies online for real money players win rewards according to the listed Blockbusters Cash Drop pay table, and this means that they are aiming to achieve three or more joined identical symbols in the hexagon paylines. There are additional winning possibilities that can be achieved with five colour matched hexagons on an active pay line. When this happens, the player is awarded a prize, and this causes the winning symbols to disappear and be replaced with fresh symbols. These replacement symbols can qualify for another win by matching three symbols or with five colour matched hexagons.

Playing Blockbusters Cash Drop

Playing Blockbusters Cash Drop takes a little bit of additional information and know-how in order to fully appreciate the possibilities and potential of the game. To start off players select the stake that they want to play, and set the coin denominations accordingly. Thereafter the paylines that players wish to activate are chosen. Similarly to standard slot machines, it is advisable to activate all the paylines as this improves the players overall odds in the game. Play can now commence.

The Jackpot icons function in much the same way as Scatter symbols, and three or more of these symbols anywhere on the hexagon lattice activates a jackpot winnings. The maximum jackpot is triggered by five of the Scatter symbols, the midi jackpot by four symbols and the mini jackpot by three symbols.

Five matching hexagon colours on an activated payline triggers what is called a reaction. This means that all the winning symbols disappear only to be replaced by more symbols, potentially triggering more wins. Winnings are paid out at 2x the stake wagered on the winning payline.

Ways of Winning at the Game

In Blockbusters Cash Drop there is a Cash Pot accumulator that grows by 1 with every successful reaction achieved. This means that this multiplier effect increases with every consecutive win and applies retroactively to the previous wins achieved in the chain of reaction.

The theoretical return to player in Blockbusters Cash Drop is 93.56 %, comparatively quite a low number when compared to some of the latest slot machines. However, one of the main attractions of the Blockbusters Cash Drop game is the Progressive jackpot that is attached to this machine. Five Jackpot Scatter icons, therefore, has the propensity to win a life-altering amount of money, and this alone makes Blockbusters Cash Drop especially exciting.