Gullivers Travels Slot Game Based On a Famous Story

The slots game Gulliver’s Travels is based on the well known literary classic of that name by the English author Johnathan Swift. It is the story of Gulliver’s journeys to imaginary lands called Brobdingnag and Laputa. This is a good game, with creative features and high quality graphics, created by the leading Australian online pokies games developer, Amaya.

Geckos Gone Wild Video Slots Game

Geckos may not be the first subject that leaps to mind when considering a slot machine, but Amaya, the UK-based casino software development company certainly have created quite a notable game using this theme. Geckos Gone Wild is a 5-reel video slot with 20 paylines and a maximum jackpot of 50 000 credits. This video slots game has numerous features including wilds, scatters, multipliers, free spins, and even a free game attribute that should attract plenty of slots players.

Superman Last Son of Krypton Top 20 Video Slot

The first Superman slot by Cryptologic was a big hit with die-hard fans DC Comics fans because it remained so true to the original story – from its characterisation all the way through to its old-school design.

Cryptologic’s latest release, under the Amaya Gaming banner, is called Superman Last Son of Krypton. And the differences of this new modernised slot from its predecessor neither detract from the original nor present a watered-down version thereof – they bring a fresh element of entertainment to the reels.

Street Fighter II Slots Machine Reviewed Online

3… 2… 1… Fight! These four-word countdown will be instantly recognisable with any 90s kid and is sure to bring up more than a little nostalgia for the good-old days. That’s because this famous line signalled the start of every match in the hit 1990s video and arcade game, Street Fighter and its sequel, Street Fighter II.

So the Street Fighter II slot by Cryptologic – under the Amaya Gaming banner – is sure to be a win with the now-30-somethings who enjoyed original Street Fighter II game, as well as the animated and live action films it inspired, in their teens.

Amaya Gaming’s Snake Slot Reviewed for Casino Players

You’d be forgiven for mistaking the main character of Amaya Gaming’s Snake slot for Kaa, the incorrigible asp from Disney’s The Jungle Book but, there is nothing sinister about this particular animated serpent.

Produced by online slots software developer, Leander, under the Amaya banner, the Snake slot is a quirky and colourful five-reel 30-payline slot that keeps players’ attention with striking graphics and sound as well as three separate bonus features.

Play Free Mobile Slots Games On The Move

Since the late 1800’s slot machines have been popular across the globe and evolved with the ages and advances in technology. The beginning of the internet brought about the online slot revolution where players didn’t have to leave the house in order to spin the reels. Mobile technology has been even more successful in providing convenience to slot players as mobile slots are now available to be played on the move at any time of the day.

Play iPhone Slots with Our Exclusive Guide

The iPhone device is one of the world’s most coveted mobile phones with innovative technology and sleek design and capabilities. Being such a sophisticated device the online slot game developers had to optimize iPhone slots in order to meet the device’s specifications and the demand from slot players who wished to use their iPhones.

Canadian Casinos Offering Internet Slots

Internet slots Canada is fast becoming the most popular platform for Canadian slot players to play but the fact that real money is transferred over the internet it is best to only use safe casinos. The top internet casinos in Canada accept Canadian dollars and provide a range of accessible banking methods. The top casinos provide internet slots Canada that are powered by leading software developers whose software is tested to ensure the slots provide fair gaming.

Pablo Picasslot – The Art Of Online Slots

The theme of this slot game is based on the art world Pablo inspired and changed. It takes place in a gallery with your protagonist on the right, brush and pallet in hand; ready to apply his brush strokes to some major winnings.

The stylish presentation would do the great master himself proud with colourful backgrounds and the wilds feature that consists of classic paintings appearing on the slot reels Pablo Picasslot consists of five reels, divided into three rows and has 20 pay lines.

Camp Out With Fire Flies Online Slots Game

There is something about camping out under the stars and seeing hundreds of fireflies light up the night sky that makes the whole experience well worth it. So much so, in fact, that online slots game developer, Amaya, has created a game centered around the theme of these little night time insects. This game, aptly entitled Fire Flies, gives players the chance to win plenty of prizes for spinning the reels and discovering hidden objects like knives, grizzly bears and walking boots. Furthermore, this game is one that can be enjoyed by players of every level, from beginners to those who have been playing online slots games for many, many years.