How Online Casino Apps Work

More and more countries around the world are now encouraging responsible online betting by enacting legislation to license and regulate the industry, rather than attempting to outlaw it. The latter strategy generally leads to a criminal black market exploiting legal grey areas, criminalising and exploiting recreational gamblers who would otherwise not suffer harm from the pastime.

At the same time, unregulated online betting sites have no incentive to identify and treat problem gambling either, whereas this is a requirement in licensed operations. As a result of these policy changes, legal online gambling already earns more than US$45.8-billion annually, and that figure is projected to rise to US$94.4-billion by 2024.

Within this burgeoning market, another shift has occurred as mobile technology advances. Mobile casinos and betting sites are growing faster than any other categories, to the extent that the top online gaming brands now offer dedicated mobile casino apps.

What Apps Offer

A casino app downloads a version of the online casino site onto your mobile device, so that you can open and play casino games whenever you like, instantly. At the same time, all online casinos also cater to the mobile market with games that can be played on any smartphone or tablet browser; you don’t need to download an app to play.

The difference is, you need to download the casino or game each time you play in a browser, which can be slower.

Mobile casino apps offer a faster connection to your favourite online casinos and the games you play most frequently. They also come with extras like welcome bonuses and regular promotions, so they suit players who like to visit the online casino often.

Attractive Capabilities

Mobile casinos offer apps specific to one game, too, like Texas Hold’em, Video Poker, slots, Blackjack, Roulette or Poker. Free downloads are almost universal, so you can choose a general mobile casino app if you want to try different games, or find apps devoted to each of your favourites.

You don’t have to carry cash away from the premises every time you suspend play, either. If you’re playing for real money, you can store your winnings in the app until you’re ready to transfer them to a bank account. Most mobile casino apps also have a free play Aussie online roulette option, allowing you to practise your skills on various games until you feel confident betting real money.

The Downside Of Apps

The only major drawback of mobile casino apps is the amount of memory space they take up on your device, because they download the casino and games software. Playing via a browser, you only download the site as you need it, which is why this method can be slower than using the app.

Considering that smartphone users can have 20 or more apps on their home screens, but only use six or seven every day, the question to ask is perhaps, “Will I use a mobile casino app as often as I use social media?” If the answer is yes, you’re probably among the 20% of online casino users who prefer the app option.