How To Boost Your Wins Playing Baccarat

We all enjoy a game of Baccarat now and then. It’s even made an appearance on the silver screen thanks to James Bond’s preference for it and the high stakes rooms in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are always jam-packed.

Smart, successful players use a range of strategies to help them win more betting rounds in Baccarat and you should avail yourself of these tips to do the same!

How to Play

Baccarat is by far the best game at your favourite online gambling casino, virtual or land-based, for beginners to get started with. It relies almost solely on luck and the rules are very simple to learn, especially online where either the live dealer or RNG software governs how hands are dealt and outcomes are added up.

The goal is to get as close to 9 points as you can before the Banker, or house, does. 10s and face cards aren’t worth anything and the cards from 2 to 9 are taken at face value. Aces are worth 1 point and no Jokers are used.

If the value of the 2 cards dealt exceeds 9, 10 gets deducted from the total, so a 3 of Spades and an 8 of Diamonds is worth 1 point. The dealer has to hit based on card outcomes and a predetermined set of rules which you don’t need to concern yourself with.

Bet Options in Baccarat

There are only three possible bets in Baccarat, the Player’s hand to win, yours, the Banker’s hand to win, or the house, or a Tie occurring. Bear in mind that the Player and Banker hands belong to you and the house in name only and you can’t decide anything regarding them.

The house edge on the Banker bet is just 1.06%, so if it wins you’ll have to pay a 5% commission on your returns. The Player bet has the same odds but doesn’t require you to pay a percentage if you win, and the Tie bet has a house edge of 14.36% but offers much higher returns because of this increased risk.

Strategy Hints and Tips

The first really important piece of advice is to avoid looking for patterns. Many tables online will track results for you, showing you which bet has been successful in previous rounds, but don’t let this information tempt you. The game is utterly random, always fair, and there’s no way you can predict what the result of the next round of gameplay will be.

It’s also vital that you bear in mind that there’s a reason for the 5% commission payable on the Banker bet. It’s because it’s far more likely to win! Over time, it will win 50.68% of the games whereas the Player hand coming out on top will only occur 49.32% of the time.

And, finally, as tempting as the Tie wager may be, usually paying out at 8:1 or even 9:1, depending on where you’re playing Baccarat, it’s best to avoid this stake. Statistically, it only comes up once every 11 hands, which can really stretch your budget if you’re playing on one!