Experience Classic Casino Action With Online Roulette

For nearly 150 years, the game of Roulette has enchanted and excited players around the world. Its now-familiar red and black wheel makes it one of the most recognisable casino games, and the Roulette tables at any land-based casino are always sure to draw a crowd of eager players.

Thankfully, Canadians who love the game or who want to learn to love the game don’t need to go any further than their PCs, laptops or mobile. Online Roulette has made it possible to play the game for real money or for free when at home, on a break at the office, or anywhere you can conveniently use a computer with an active internet connection.

Some of the world’s leading casino software developers have created a range of digital versions of the game. Players can choose single player and multiplayer versions, to play against the computer programme or to play with a live dealer, and more.

These versions of Roulette retain the rules and other hallmarks of the game, such as call bets, offering players and purists a faithful rendition of one of the world’s most popular casino games.

Explore Different Versions of Online Roulette

The single player, multiplayer, and live dealer versions of online Roulette that can be played at top quality Canadian web casinos are generally one of the three classic versions of the game. These are European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette, and each version features unique elements.

In European Roulette, the famous wheel has 37 pockets, numbered from 0 to 36. American Roulette’s wheel features 38 pockets, including a double zero. This means the pockets are numbered from 00 to 36. French Roulette uses a wheel with 37 pockets, as well as special rules that could work to a player’s advantage, such as La Partage and En Prison.

How to Find a Reputable Online Roulette Casino

When it comes to online Roulette NZ casinos, the first question any player should ask is whether or not the site is worthy of their time and, if playing with Canadian Dollars; their money.

There are different indicators players can look for; the first of which is endorsement by gaming industry regulatory bodies or watchdogs. Endorsement by eCOGRA, eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, means the site offers high quality games that use a certified random number generator programme to produce results. This endorsement also means players can expect speedy, safe and secure banking services, and impeccable customer service.

Another indicator of whether or not an online Roulette casino is reputable is whether or not the site has a player incentive and reward programme. If generous deposit match or no deposit bonuses are not offered to you from the moment you land on the home page, you should think twice about committing to playing at that site.

Reputable sites are powered by award-winning software developers such as Microgaming. This means that, not only will the games boast smooth playing action and bright, clear graphics and sound, but there will also be a decent selection of games from which to choose.

Discover Online Roulette Thrills Today

With so many playing options available to players in Canada, online Roulette is understandably a fast growing form of adult entertainment. Discover the excitement and thrills of this classic game for yourself now.