Miss Kitty Slot


The Miss Kitty Slot Game

The Miss Kitty slot game, created by Aristocrat Games, is known for its theme based around an adorable cat character, apparently named Miss Kitty. The pink feline appears frequently in the game, easily recognisable by her enormous eyes, pink fur, and extremely disinterested attitude. She is indeed one of the more lovable characters seen in a slot game, and players will certainly be fond of her in minutes, making the game a success in the visual department. In terms of sound design, however, the game feels a bit lacklustre.

There is a distinct lack of music in the game, and it won’t be long before the player will start to feel as if they have perhaps accidentally switched off the music. This is not he case, however; the game simply has no music of any kind to accompany the beautiful graphics. In the game play department the Miss Kitty slot game consists of five reels and a fifty betting line system, with the lines manually adjustable for maximum strategy. This addition of adjustable betting lines makes the game a more interesting experience then some other modern games at Canadian casino sites, with a greater level of freedom then can be found in other similar games.

Symbols Payouts And Designs

As one would expect in a game based around a pink cat, the symbol designs are all feline themed and extremely cute. The most valuable symbol in the Miss Kitty slot game is a fish, who seems to be well aware of the fact that cats eat fish, given his worried expression. He will pay out a large amount if matched with himself five times, and a more modest amount if matched only three times.

The next most valuable symbol in the game is the bird, followed by the toy mouse, both of which have medium value. Next on the list is the carton of milk, followed by the ball of yarn.

The remaining symbols are the playing card numbers, including nine, ten jack queen, king and ace, all of which payout only a small amount. If one really wants to rake in the loot in the Miss Kitty slot game, however, they must turn their attention to the two bonus symbols.

Bonuses Payouts

Miss Kitty herself is the wild symbol in the Miss Kitty slot game, which seems fitting. She may match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, even if one was not previously possible. For example, Miss Kitty may match with two kings to make a three king payout possible. This makes her an extremely valuable symbol, and the player would be wise to keep an eye on her pink face.

The next symbol the player should look out for is the moon, which acts as a scatter symbol. If matched three times the scatter symbol will grant ten free games, which will payout instantly. During free spins if Miss Kitty appears, she will stick in place for the remainder of the free spins, which guarantees the presence of a wild symbol in all spins that follow. This, of course, makes future matches more likely, and the free spins far more lucrative.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty Slot Game

Miss Kitty is a slot game created by Aristocrat Games, known mostly for its incredibly cute main character. Miss Kitty is a fluffy pink cat, sporting abnormally huge eyes and what appears to be a large diamond around her neck. She certainly seems to be a well off feline, but you wouldn’t know it looking at her uninterested face. The graphics in Miss Kitty are fairly good, although perhaps not as finely detailed or realistic as some other games.

In Miss Kitty, however, the visual style is all about cartoon-ish charm, and although the images are not jumping out the screen with detail, they do a great job of presenting this mischievous pussy car. In terms of game play Miss Kitty uses a five reel, fifty play line system, which is a good deal more play lines then similar online casino NZ dollar games. This means that player is granted an extraordinary amount of freedom, leaving them to tweak the play style until it suits them exactly. Keep in mind, however, that the more betting lines opened the more money will be required per opening bet.



Feline Friendly Symbols

Miss Kitty seems to be in a world of luxury, represented by the many feline friendly game symbols. The most valuable of the symbols is a goldfish, who has a rather alarmed look on his face. Clearly the little fish is aware that he is nothing more then a Kitty snack. The goldfish will payout a good amount if matched the maximum of five times, and may be matched a minimum of two times, although this is a rather meagre payout.

The next most valuable symbols in the game are an equally startled looking bird, also a Kitty snack, and a windup mouse. These symbols are of medium value, and may also be matched five, four, three, and two times. Next we have a carton of milk and a ball of yarn, comfort items for the fussy feline. Both items are of lower value, but will still be welcome on the reels. The remaining symbols are the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which are not feline themed in any way, but still worth cash to the player.

Big Feline Bonuses

Miss Kitty herself acts as the wild symbol, and will quickly prove to be a valuable ally to the player. She will match with any other symbol to create winning sequences, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. She may also match with herself up to five times for a huge payout. The scatter symbol in the game is the moon, which seems to suggest Miss Kitty is a nocturnal animal. If the moon matches five times the player is granted ten free spins, which will play out immediately. During the free spins, if Miss Kitty makes an appearance she will stick in that position on the reels, providing wild symbol bonuses throughout the remain free spins. As can be seen, Miss Kitty is the player’s best friend, regardless of the fact that she seems unable to express affection.

Lucky 88


Lucky 88 Slot Game

Lucky 88 is a slot game created by Aristocrat Games. It features a visual style that draws inspiration from popular Chinese culture, which is certainly a good source for creative images. Being as the game is rather dated, however, Lucky 88 is perhaps not as visually striking as other more advanced slot games.

The graphics seem a bit lacking in detail, and the audio design is likewise extremely basic, which many may consider to be unacceptable, seeing as other slot games feature extremely impressive interactive soundtracks and high resolution graphics. But audio and graphics are not all a slot game is about, and in terms of game play Lucky 88 delivers a thoroughly enjoyable slot game experience.

A five reel, twenty five betting line system is used, with the player given complete freedom to raise or lower betting lines as they see fit. This provides a deep strategic experience that is sure to hook both veteran and casual slot players, with many ways offered in which a player may approach the game. There are also a number of bonus features and specials, providing an even deeper play experience that is sure to impress.

A Look At Standard Symbols

The already mentioned Chinese influence is clear to see in the Lucky 88 slot game symbols, with all images reflecting some aspect of the widely recognisable culture. The most valuable symbols in the game, for example, are the white stork and golden lion, both of which provide enormous payouts if matched the maximum of five times, and a decent amount if matched the minimum of three times.

These two symbols are followed by, in terms of payout value, a golden totem, which is likewise a lucrative symbol to match. Next we have the traditional Chinese drum, which is the least valuable picture symbol of this Canadian online slots site.

The remaining symbols in the game are the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which are not especially Chinese in designs, but still pleasant enough to look at Let’s urn our attention to the bonus symbols, which are where the big money can be found in the game.

Bonus Symbols In Detail

The image of a wise Chinese emperor is a common one, and in the Lucky 88 game he is a sight that players will be happy to see. The emperor symbol is a wild symbol, and will match with any other symbol to form a matching sequence. He may also be matched with himself up to five times, which is the single largest payout possible in the game.

The second bonus symbol to look out for is the paper lantern, which triggers a selection of bonus mini-games if matched three times. The player is able to select between two bonus mini-games, both of which offer the chance to win big payouts.

Keep in mind that although the mini-games appear different, they are both strictly games of chance, with little the player can do to affect the outcome. Play the Lucky 88 slot game now on desktop computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Lucky 88 slot

The Lucky 88 Slot Game

The Lucky 88 slot game is created by Aristocrat Games. It is based on the notion that the number 88 is lucky, and compliments this theme with a smattering of popular Chinese culture. This results in a rather colourful, if somewhat dated visual design, pleasing to the eye but not as detailed as it could be. The game is a few years old, however, and can be forgiven for not matching the graphic fidelity of some more modern games.

In terms of sound design the developers have taken a minimalist approach, with only the most basic clicks and beeps utilised. In the game play department the Lucky 88 slot game uses a five reel, twenty five betting line system, with the player allowed to manually select which lines they would like to be active. This means that a great deal more freedom and strategy is possible then in other slot games, making the Lucky 88 slot game an experience that will be appreciated by veteran slot game players. The game is available to play on desktop computer via a web browser, and on mobile phone and tablet.


Symbol Designs In Detail

The already mentioned Chinese theme is brought to life with a selection of well created symbol designs, all of which have clearly had a great deal of effort put into them. The most valuable symbols are the golden lion and white crane, both of which offer an exceptional payout if matched the maximum of five times.

These are followed, in terms of value, by the golden eagle totem, which pays an equal amount when matched five times, but a slightly more modest amount if matched four or three times. The remaining picture symbol is a drum, which has a medium value. The least valuable symbols are the traditional playing card symbols, which seem to be a staple in slot game designs, and o get a bit repetitive, especially when far more creative options are available.

The playing card symbols include nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, all of which grant only small payout amounts. In order to trigger the mini-games and achieve the biggest wins, be sure to look out for the two bonus symbols.

Bonus and Special Symbols

The emperor is the wild symbol in the Lucky 88 online pokies game, recognisable as the man with a long black moustache. He is able to match with any other symbol as a substitute, and hence he is perhaps the most valuable symbol in the game. The wild symbol may also match with itself up to five times, which is an exceptionally large payout that is sure to put a small on any player’s face. The second bonus symbol is the paper lantern, which is the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol may match with itself even when not in adjacent positions, hence the term scatter symbol. Upon matching, the scatter symbol grants the player a choice of two bonus games. The first is a simple award of ten free spins, during which all wins are multiplied by three.

The second bonus game allows the player to select of one of three dice, which will be rolled upon being chosen. The result of the dice will decide the bonus amount of cash the player will be granted.

Dragon Emperor Slot

Dragon Emperor Slot Game

The Dragon Emperor slot game, created by Aristocrat Games, is most well known for its colourful theme. It features a strong visual style connected to ancient Chinese culture, more specifically the emperors that used to rule at the time.


The graphics may not be as high resolution or detailed as some more modern slot games, but there is no denying that the Dragon Emperor has an infectious charm. The characters depicted seem wise and welcoming, and the more the player interacts with them, the more it seems they are getting a glimpse into an ancient, distinguished period of time. In terms of game play the Dragon Emperor slot game uses a standard five reel play system, but note that it does not allow any adjustment of betting lines.

This may be disappointing for players who prefer a more hands on approach, but will likewise be appealing for those who prefer to simply spin the reels, sit back, and enjoy the ride. The game is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet from a variety of online casino sites in Canada.

Symbol designs And Payouts

It has already been mentioned that the Dragon Emperor is based in Chinese culture, and the symbol designs are certainly dripping with beautifully designed ancient Chinese themed images. The most valuable symbol in the game is the emperor himself, seen with long white beard and hair. He will pay a huge instant payout if matched the maximum of five times, but a much more modest amount if matched only three times.

The next most valuable symbol is a dragon claw clutching a crystal orb, followed by a golden chest, and a golden talisman. The remaining symbols are the standard jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which, it must be said, are a bit disappointing, given that the developers were so creative with the other designs. In order to trigger the Dragon Emperor slot game bonus features, look towards the Chinese dragon.

Bonus Payouts And Features

The Chinese dragon is an image known the world over, widely regarded to be extremely lucky. The Dragon Emperor slot game, of course, certainly wasn’t going to let this popular imagery go unused. The dragon symbol is the scatter symbol in this game, meaning that it may match with itself, regardless of where it appears on the reels.

Upon being matched, a second screen will open, showing three Chinese dragon symbols. The player must select one of the symbols to reveal the bonus amount. Note that there will be a prize under all three dragon symbols, but one will be larger then the other two, making the game a matter of luck. The second bonus symbol in the Dragon Emperor slot game is the Chinese character on a gold background. This symbol, upon being matched will grant fifteen free spins.

These free spins will play out automatically, with any matches one paid out when the last free spin has completed. Take note that during free spins all wins are multiplied three times, making the situation potentially highly lucrative.

Show me the Money Aristocrat Slot

Show Me the Money Aristocrat Slot Was a Great Innovation

The Show me the Money slots game has been developed by Aristocrat Pokies Australia, one of the leading casino games developers and based in Australia. Today you will probably find most of the slot machines Show Me the Money in Australia at the present time, as this game is actually more than twenty years old.

Many players agree that Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot is what the classic, original slot machines were all about. They were produced in a time when slot machines were not necessarily created with great themes and musical soundtracks, but simply good game play and entertaining action. If you have the chance and can find this game, perhaps in a land based casino, you will enjoy playing it. There will probably not be an online version made of Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot.

Symbols and Features Set the Stage for Later Slots

The symbols in Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot do not look very different to the symbols used in modern slot games. When this game was released, the latest slot games were all using the fruits and bars and bells. The developer Aristocrat was actually ahead of the times with this game and its symbols of luxury cars, Sacks of Cash and Jewellery, as well as other icons of wealth. Aristocrat also included the playing cards as symbols, from Ten to the Ace.

At that time, even three pay lines were regarded as an innovation. Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot set the stage for many of the later developments of slots game by other games producers, by using a revolutionary twenty pay lines. The pay lines could not be selected individually, but they were adjustable. At the time, this gave players what they thought was a surprising amount of control over their wagers and strategies. The prizes were also much bigger than were normal for that time, Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot offering as much as one thousand coins as a jackpot prize.

Wilds and Scatters and Free Spins

The features used in Show Me the Money Android online slots were also ahead of their time. The Sack of Money appeared as the Wild, and the Siren symbol provides access to the bonus round. The sound of the Siren is just that, the loud wail of a siren, and if you find three or more of the siren symbols, it announces the beginning of the bonus round with that noise. This free spins bonus round is one of the earliest included in a slots game. During the free spins round, the Sack of Money Wild symbol takes on another role. Not only does it continue to be Wild, but when it appears on the fifth reel it will open up to reveal a very good cash prize.

Although Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot has always been one of the pioneers of the slot industry, it is not readily available outside of Aussie casinos. There are a few of these slot machines in play around the world, but there probably will not be an online version of this game.


Shoot Slot Game Is All about the World’s Favourite Sport

Shoot slot game is powered by Microgaming, and is based on the popular football magazine that was published weekly in the United Kingdom during the 70s and 80s. Football fans around the world will enjoy the graphics used in Shoot. The symbols in the game span several decades, right back to the wild enthusiasm of the game in the 60s, and represent the best footballers of the golden days of international and club football, like Johan Cruyff, Pele, Diego Maradona and Frans Beckenbauer.  Anyone who enjoys football and remembers the popular players of those decades will enjoy this game. Microgaming has given us an entertaining game where nostalgia rules.

Fans Cheer on Their Favourite Teams

Football is the most popular sport worldwide, and no other sport inspires the passion and fanaticism that football gives rise to. Shoot is a five reel game with fifty pay lines. There is a wide betting range, and with the chance to play twenty coins on each pay line, the rewards can be spectacular when you play with a high bet. Play action is also enhanced by realistic sound effects, like thousands of fans cheering on their favourite teams.

A Trade Em Bonus Round

This game has a Trade Em bonus round which is triggered by three or more Bonus symbols appearing on the reels. This bonus round offers you a chance to choose four cards from a range of twelve, all portraying pictures of the favourite footballers of that age. The four cards you choose will reveal certain prizes of different values, and with these cards you can also trigger two other bonus rounds. The Magazine Bonus round will give you the chance to win huge amounts by choosing from twelve cover pages in the magazine. You keep choosing cover pages until a red card is found, but there are two red cards in the selection of twelve. There is also a free spins bonus round which will award players with a random number of free spins.

The free spins bonus round will give you between ten and thirty five free spins. All free spins are subject to a multiplier of two, meaning all wins are doubled, and this can really boost your winnings.

Five Wilds for the Jackpot

Shoot has a Wild symbol, which is the Shoot Logo. This Wild can help form winning combinations as it can replace any of the other symbols in the game, apart from the Scatter symbol. Five Wilds appearing in any row will award you with a great jackpot of 20 000 coins. The Scatter is a retro style football card, with the word Bonus written on it. Three or more of the Scatters appearing anywhere on the reels will trigger a bonus round in which you can play the classic trump card game of football and win some great prizes. This bonus round can be played together with the base game or played in isolation. This will allow you to keep your base winning s, while risking nothing in the bonus round.

If you are in any way fond of football, Shoot will interest you at once. There are great graphics and a relatively good return to player percentage.

Shifting Wilds

Coming to Terms with Shifting Wilds

The Wild symbol was introduced to classic slot machines to improve the return to player percentages, and give players a more exciting game where this special symbol could take the place of the other symbols to create a win. This made the slots games more exciting and became a positive marketing force for the slots game. Eventually this became a standard part of slot machines and one of the first things one did when playing a new game was to see what symbol was wild.

Before long, and as technology improved, slot machine became ever more fancy and the software capable of ever greater advances, so the Wild effects began to improve and become enhanced too. The online casino developers came up with new, original ways to attract attention and use the Wild symbol. Wild symbols were capable of more and more actions, and various descriptive expressions were devised to explain these behaviours. Cascading wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, and stacked wilds all became a thing.

Understanding the Shifting Wild

Shifting wilds are the latest type of wild to grace the reels. Thought to have been introduced first by software developer Playtech, shifting wilds are a fresh behaviour set that wild symbols can be given. Shifting wilds are effectively an extension of the slightly older sticky wilds.

A sticky wild is so named because once it appears on the reels, it ‘sticks’ there for a length of time, continuously applying its effect to a number of spins. This continued effect is obviously beneficial to the player, and a wild already in position on the reels when the spin starts is always more likely to be a winning spin. The sticky wild, however, stayed in the same position on the reels all the time.

A shifting wilds is similar in that it stays on the reels for a number of spins, like the sticky wild. However, where the sticky wild remains in a single position on the reels, the shifting wild moves around the reels. Once landed on the reels, a shifting wild will move one position to the side, up or down, in any direction for the number of spins, until it moves off.

Clearly this provides a major addition to the winning combinations that are likely to be achieved during these spins.

The Wild Symbol’s Role

The Wild symbol in each game of slots will have its particular value to the game. Cascading wilds, for instance, are much like the video game Tetris, for when a winning combination is formed then it disappears and new symbols cascade into the spaces vacated. This generates more wins, at the same time making the game more unpredictable and entertaining.

Expanding wilds function similarly, in terms of using ever improving video graphics to make things ever more interesting for the player. These expanding Wild symbols are often animated and expand to fill the entire reel, giving players more wins and developers an opportunity to make a better graphic with a larger size and space.

Sifting wilds should therefore be highly appreciated in the flow of more and more exciting Wild symbols available on slot machines. It was not the first type of wild and surely will also not be the last.

She’s A Rich Girl

She’s A Rich Girl Slot Is Full of Luxury and Jewels

This IGT slot game tells the story of a rich red haired girl, who lives a life of luxury and opulence. The symbols carry on the theme, including the red haired girl herself, an older man, her pampered Pup, lots of diamonds and cute Pussy Cat wearing a diamond collar, as well as the Rich Girl Logo, with also a variety of typical fruit symbols, like a plum, a lemon, a peach and watermelon, as well as cherries. Purple is the main colour of the reels, and it suits the theme well.

The Rich Girl seems to be the trophy wife of the older man, but both of them are after only one thing, the diamonds. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the Diamond is the Wild symbol in She’s a Rich Girl, and can replace any of the other coloured Diamonds in the game to form a winning combination. If one or more Diamonds are used to complete a winning combination, all wins are doubled. The Rich Girl herself is another Wild, and if one or more of this symbol is used in a winning combination, winnings in that sequence are also doubled.  This Wild is the most valuable symbol of all, and five appearing on one win line will win you a jackpot worth a great 10 000 coins. All line wins will pay from left to right, and all line wins are multiplied by the wager per line values. The soundtrack of She’s a Rich Girl is a dance theme from the 90s, and the sound effects include yapping dogs and crowd noises.

Scatter Wins with Coloured Diamonds

The Yellow, Green and Purple Diamonds are the Scatter symbols in She’s a Rich Girl, and any three appearing on the reels will pay three times your original stake, any four appearing will pay out ten times your stake, while any five Diamonds will pay out twenty five times your initial stake. Only the highest Scatter win will be awarded.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The Free Spins round can be activated by finding three or more Bonus Diamonds. These Diamonds only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. If you find one or more of the glittering white Diamonds on the reels you can add another free spin. This bonus feature is played at the same value of the wager per line that triggered the feature, and each time you land the Wild Diamond you will get one more free spin. The Free Spins bonus round will come to an end when you run out of free spins, or when you reach the maximum of one hundred free spins. The Diamond meter will display and track all your free spins count. In She’s a Rich Girl, the reels will become even more valuable during the free spins round. This will give you more frequent payouts.

She’s a Rich Girl has plenty of features and fantastic graphics and smooth animations. You will also see a wide range of betting options and huge jackpots at the best online slots sites. With the five reels, this slots game has a simple nine pay line format, but a wide coin value range. As a result She’s a Rich Girl will suit both low and high limit slots players.


Sharky Slot Game Tells the Story of a Pirate Ship

This slot game is all about Pirate Sharky and his crew on the Pirate ship, on a voyage across the sea, without coming into contact with any sharks along the way.

The structure of Sharky slot game is simple. There are five reels and nine pay lines. There is a wide range of bets on these pay lines, giving you a choice between a very low coin amount to a pretty high one.

Sharky is the main symbol in the slot game, and he acts as the Wild as well. The Wild can substitute for any other symbol to form a winning combination, apart from the three Scatter symbols. The three Scatters are a Compass, the Pirate Ship and a Desert Island. The rest of the symbols include a Parrot, a Treasure Chest and Swords, together with the standard playing cards from nine to the Ace, which will represent the lowest paying symbols.

Values for All the Symbols

The most valuable symbol is Sharky, and if you are lucky enough to find five of the Sharky symbol appearing on a pay line you will win 5000 coins. Five of the playing card symbols will give you a small reward of one hundred coins. To check what each symbol is worth, you can take a look at the pay table on the slot, which will also list winning combinations and their payouts.

The only bonus round in Sharky is the free spins bonus round. To activate this, you have to land the Pirate Ship on reel one, and the Desert Island on reel five in the same spin. The free spins round can be reactivated while you are playing the round, which will enable you to win more spins.

Free Spins and Shark Attacks

Initially you will receive ten free spins. You have to keep a lookout for other symbols as the reels spin. Whenever you land the Pirate Ship on reel one, you will see the Pirate lowered into a smaller boat and rowing across the screen to the fifth reel and randomly turning other symbols into Wilds along the way. If he lands next to a Treasure Chest symbol you will receive an instant win, to the value of between 18 and 450 credits. If however, he meets a shark along the way and it attacks him, he will lose the ability to replace any other Scatter symbols in a winning combination. If you manage to land another Pirate on reel one the game will take you to a boat with several Treasure Chests filled with gold.

Sharky has a gamble feature that you can play after every winning combination. Press either the red or black button beside the spin button and you will see a playing card flickering between the two colours, red and black. Select the button of your choice, and if it is correct your winnings will be doubled. The wrong decision will see your winnings fall overboard and disappear into the ocean.

Sharky slot game is good value, with the ten free spins and additional spins being possible. It is also amusing to watch the Pirate Ship sailing across the reels and trying to avoid the sharks.