Gullivers Travels Slot Game Based On a Famous Story

The slots game Gulliver’s Travels is based on the well known literary classic of that name by the English author Johnathan Swift. It is the story of Gulliver’s journeys to imaginary lands called Brobdingnag and Laputa. This is a good game, with creative features and high quality graphics, created by the leading Australian online pokies games developer, Amaya.

Play Legendary Zombie Rush Slots Game Online

Zombie Rush slots is as you would imagine. The zombies are on the loose and want to eat your brains but our boy hero, Max, is armed with his trusty baseball bat and ready to take them on to save his ally, Claire. The backdrop of this game is a derelict, post-apocalyptic scene allowing players to be submerged into this world of zombies. The symbols are not overly scary but certainly tie in perfectly to the theme.

This game offers 20 paylines as well as feature games and re-spin bonuses allowing a variety of ways to win. Payouts are awarded from left to right except for when scatter symbols appear.